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Welcome to the new Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is in transition from having been closed for more than six decades and now opened for opportunities.  With the new investment laws and procedures reformed and become less rigid for the new businesses to invest and corporate.  

Foreign investors, donors and development agencies are rushing into the country in order to survey, research and meet their different interlocutors and counterparts.



A lot of events, workshops, meetings, conferences, trainings and workshops are held to understand the country and also to capacitate human resources. 

But effective communication is a challenge in this context and interpretation in the events (simultaneous and consecutive) and reliable translation services are in demand.  Amazing Yaya provides translating and interpreting services it its clients in English Burmese language pairs.


Amazing Yaya Business Services

Amazing Yaya was founded in 2015 to provide the services you need.  Amazing Yaya is managed by Yaya who is an experienced translator and interpreter who used to work for United Nations for more than 12 years in different programs.


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